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The retail industry isn’t just about selling goods, it’s about creating a positive experience for each of your customers. We can offer your establishment the convenience, flexible payment options and speed that your customers have come to expect.

Credit card acceptance will give you the capability to serve more customers, more efficiently, which translates into more sales.

Quick Checkout – moving your lines quickly with POS systems and tablets that help you with inventory, analytics, and gives you valuable information for your business.

Card Acceptance is Safer than Cash/Checks – your theft risk is greatly reduced when you don’t have cash or checks in your establishment.

Get Paid Sooner – you receive funds automatically into your existing checking account.

Increased Customer Loyalty – customers appreciate a business that offers several payment options, gift cards and loyalty cards.

Better Service – consistent inventory will keep your customers coming back for what they know they can find at your store.

Are you ready for Apply Pay & NFC?

Don’t be unprepared and lose the sale!  Here is why…

The iPhone 6 & smartphones are hitting the streets and major retailers are already accepting Apple Pay.  How will this new technology impact the way you do business?  Do you know what to do?

We are here to help!  We realize you not only have to think about updating your equipment to be EMV compliant, you also need to consider Near Field Communication (NFC) in your business.  With Apple Pay, it is clear that NFC will be moving front and center for both consumers and business owners.

The opportunities are endless.  With the emergence of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, now is the time to take your business to the next level.  Update your technology today.  This may be as simple as a new pin pad, peripheral, or maybe even looking at the Clover Station to grow your business.

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