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Medical & Dental Offices

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Medical procedures can be costly, Card Systems makes paying for them easier and faster

Quick and secure credit card processing can put your patients at ease. Providing custom packages that minimize time spent collecting payment data and managing invoices is what we do. Our solutions allow you to accept credit cards over-the-counter, online, or even through a mobile device fast and easy.

Medical Industries

  • Insurance Deductibles & Outpatient Surgery
  • Dental & Orthodontists
  • Optometrist & Lasik
  • Med Spa & Cosmetic Procedures
  • Veterinary Services & Surgery

Medical and Dental Office Credit Card Payments, Billing, and Financing

Remember a time when all your front desk staff had to worry about was collecting a copy of each patient’s insurance card?

Times have certainly changed.  Now there’s a deeper level of research and detail that’s required when checking out a patient.  We need to know if they have Health Savings Account, whether a patient has met their deductible, does the co-pay apply to this visit, what payment needs to be collected?  Also, is all this information locked down and secure?

Card Systems knows that every healthcare practice is different and each location has unique needs and challenges. Generic payment services are not always the right prescription for health care providers.  We offer the flexibility and billing software integration that allows you to take payments in person, online or by a payment request.  We can also help provide alternate financing methods to your patients.  Industry research tells us that roughly 43% of America’s working-age adults put off medical care due to cost, 28% of those are adults with good insurance coverage.

Enhancing your patient’s experience by offering flexible payment solutions in your office, online or from a patient’s mobile device simply put you above your competition in medical and dental space.  Card Systems is here to help you automate the process as we understand the unique challenges faced by the medical and dental industries.  HIPPA is not the only thing you need to keep safe and protected.

The valuable benefits to medical and dental practices are endless, including:

Grow Your Practice
80% of the population delays services due to affordability. Grow revenue with Medical Consumer Financing, Same as Cash Promotions, or In-house Payment Plans

Reduce Collection Time & Paperwork
Our Recurring ACH and Credit Card Billing Systems are automated and save time. Securely store payment information for after insurance claims are filed. No more calls or waiting for paper checks

Improve Patient Experience
Eliminate the bottleneck at check-in and check-out by removing the paperwork with our seamless payment systems.

Built-in Marketing & Communication Tools
Capture valuable contact information at checkout or through payment requests.  Notify patients of upcoming specials, treatments, or cancellations through our text and email tools

Get Paid Faster & Deliver Better Service
Get paid faster by offering Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment or utilize our Web Pay Option to free up you and your office staff

Background Checks & Employee Accountability
Know who you are really hiring with a complete Background Screening Check.  Time tracking tools offer easy to use clock in and out functions

Featured Product

Online Gateways

Our online gateways have a number of robust features that will keep your medical practice growing.  Automated Recurring Billing (ARB), Sync for Quickbooks, e-check processing, and automated account updater are just a few of the tools to help manage all of your offices quickly and efficiently.  Offering easy integration with most billing software and payments online.  Card Systems also has a number of online and mobile systems designed for ease of use and affordability that can link to one reporting system. Contact us today to begin saving time and money on your payment processing!

Featured Product Online Gateway

The Authorize.Net online gateway has a number of robust features that will keep your company growing. Automated Recurring Billing (ARB), Sync for Quickbooks, and e-check processing give you the tools to manage all of your job sites quickly. Card Systems Inc. has a number of online and mobile systems designed for ease of use and affordability. Contact us today to begin saving time and money on your payment processing!

No matter your preference, we have the solution

Online Payment Gateways

One of the most flexible processing mechanisms allowing you to process transactions in many different ways:

  • Accept payments online
  • Use as a Virtual Terminal
  • Integrate to most shopping carts
  • Use as a Virtual Terminal
  • Electronic bill presentment and payment EBPP

Point of Sale – POS – Systems

POS systems for all types of Medial and Dental offices  Manage your practice from a convenient online dashboard. Whether it be inventory control or keeping track of your staff  Our systems allow your to keep tabs on business and employees from anywhere.

Terminal Processing

Stationary, wireless & mobile solutions for your practice. Offer the most up-to-date technologies including:

  • Pin & Chip EMV Solutions
  • Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and NFC payment types
  • Signature Capture
  • Collect email and text data at checkout

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Medical and Dental Office Credit Card Payments, Billing, and Financing

Card Systems understands that every business is unique, which is why we take a consultative approach to finding just the right solution for your processing needs.

We know your business is more than a credit card transaction which is why we offer additional products and services that streamline business processes and add value to you and your customer's experience. Personalized service means that you’re more than just a number to us and are our partner in business.
Whether you’re just getting started or have been in business for decades Card Systems can offer endless benefits to you and your customer base.

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