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Point of Sale (POS) equipment

Point of sale terminals, also known as EPoS (‘e’ signifying this is an electronic point of sale) may be portable, mobile, fixed, adapted for transactions carried out behind a glass partition, or specially adapted for business-to-business transactions. Portable and counter top terminals are commonplace in restaurants and retail shops, while mobile (GPRS) terminals are more commonly used by businesses that need to take payment on the premises of the customer.

Purchase with Cashback

Cashback allows customers to request cash from the cash register along with the transaction. This cash is debited from their account via the EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) terminal. This service is of considerable convenience to the customer and provides benefits to the business including increased footfall, impulse buying, and increased numbers of customers due to the added convenience of cashback.

eCommerce solutions

Businesses that sell goods and services via the internet require secure means of conducting the transactions end to end.

Virtual Terminal

Cloud management of payment channels. Invoice, request payment, manage clients payment information and recurring billing cycles,

Anti-fraud measures

Minimizing the risk of fraud both to the client and to the client’s customers. Source: