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Plumbing contractors and technicians balance cash flow, inventory, fleet management, and office staff all while doing a complicated and technical job. Make your business easier, more profitable and less hassle! Get a merchant account that not only allows you to accept credit cards before leaving the job site, but also provides fleet tracking and management, paperless invoicing and the lowest interchange rates available.

Plumbing merchant accounts
Mobile card payments
reducing expenses

Accept Credit Cards

  • Start at just $25 a month!
  • Get the lowest interchange rates
  • Accept credit cards on site, online and in store
  • Offer gift cards, loyalty cards and paycards
  • Meet security requirements without stress

Get Paid Faster

  • Get paid before leaving the service call
  • Authorize checks instantly
  • Accept payments online 24/7
  • Send bills instantly

Reduce Overhead

  • Reduce postage and printing costs with electronic billing
  • Minimize chargebacks and bounced checks with instant authorization
  • Accept payments before leaving the job site
  • Integrate payments with your accounting software
  • Analyze trends and statistics to maximize profit
  • Export data for tax purposes easily

Accept Payments on Mobile Devices

Mobile payment solutions allow you the flexibility to take payments on the go!  

  • Create Quotes, Estimates and Invoices from your Smartphone, iPad or most mobile devices.
  • Electronic signature capture, storage and retrieval
  • Email or text receipts
  • Capture your customers email for future promotions
  • Bluetooth card reader and receipt printer
  • PCI DSS validated secure payment application
  • Reduced A/R aging
  • Improved customer buying experience
Use tablets, phone and mobile devices to accept credit cards

Electronic Invoicing

Paperless billing reduces expenses
  • Invoice electronically via text, email or fax
  • Get paid faster
  • Automatically route transactions to lowest interchange level
  • Integrate to QuickBooks or your current Accounting Software
  • Collect electronic signatures for paperless storage and retrieval
  • Store customer data along with multiple cards for flexible customer billing
  • Reduced Chargebacks with our fraud prevention tools
  • Speed up reconciliation
  • Express mobile checkout captures data on the go
  • Deploy this system in minutes…..and train your staff quickly

Reloadable Expense Card

  • Track plumbing fleet expenses easily
  • Set spending limits
  • Monitor usage
  • Integrate with accounting programs
  • Reload cards easily, from anywhere
Expense cards for plumbers

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Plumbers’ Credit card processing solutions begin at just $25/month!

Merchant Accounts are more than just credit cards.

Plumbers and Plumbing Services can accept credit cards quickly and easily, with low interchange rates and powerful accounting integration and analytics. Accept credit cards using your mobile device and a small card swiper. Invoice clients electronically, reducing paperwork, overhead, and decreasing time to payment. Receive instant verification of payment for plumbing jobs.

 Invoice clients electronically, reducing paperwork, overhead, and decreasing time to payment.

 Electronic processing of checks can be done on site or in the office. Don’t wait until you can make a deposit and then wait for the check to clear. Don’t worry about whether the check will clear at all! ACH solutions for plumbers are available today.

nfc-near-field-communication-logo Accept NFC devices and EMV chipped cards anywhere, anytime. Secure your clients’ financial information with PCI and EMV complaint solutions for plumbers. Reduce your liability for fraudulent charges.

 Issue paycards to employees, making payday easier for plumbing office and service staff alike. Funds are immediately available. Your banking data is not!

Maintain income flow with recurring billing for service plans. Reduce billing time and automate cash flow.

 Increase sales, decrease expenses with advanced analytics of the data you already collect.

 Get cash to grow your plumbing business with merchant cash advances based on projected income. Don’t let a lack of equipment keep you from the next-level of bid or job!

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