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A POS will change the way you do business

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Why use a POS (Point of Sale) System?

  • Credit card transactions added $127 billion to the US economy between 2008-2012
  • 69% of millennials will not shop at a business that only accepts cash
  • 55% of the nation’s 27 million plus small businesses do not accept credit cards
  • 66% of all point of sale transactions use credit or debit cards
  • 27% of all purchases are made using cash
  • Estimates show cash sales will drop to 23% of all purchases by 2017
  • Technology is making it easier than ever for businesses to accept and manage cash and credit card transactions

How can a POS system help my business?

  • Payment processing and gift card acceptance
  • Offer online ordering
  • Manage Inventory
  • Loss prevention features with automated reporting
  • Identify Best selling items
  • Track best selling items
  • Collect customer data for future marketing
  • Easily pinpoint top performing employees

Did you know the small start-up costs would be completely offset by just one POS system tracking and managing inventory, employees and customers?  Having a single device that replaces multiple devices is not only a space saver but a way to streamline and centralize business operations like never before.

Tying ONLINE ordering to your POS

One system to keep all your orders, payments, and important data in one easy to manage location.

  • Create an online store and start taking orders
  • Online menus and ordering for restaurants within minutes
  • Send invoices with a touch of a button
  • Consistent inventory tracking between online and brick and mortar locations
  • Marketing insights
  • Reach new customers

If you’ve been putting off adopting the new technology, don’t hesitate as payment processing and inventory management has become more affordable, more efficient and easier to use.

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