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BREAKING NEWS: We Now offer an EMV, PCI compliant payment solution that easily integrates with MICROS.

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Enhancing your customer’s experience with flexible payment solutions are becoming a necessity in the restaurant industry and we understand the importance of fast service.

The valuable benefits to the food industry are endless, including:

  • tablet based point of sale systems from Card Systems, Inc.Deliver Better Service: Provide faster checkout, rapid authorization and offer a choice of payment options with our Point of Sale Solution outfitted with EMV and NFC for a fraction of the cost of a traditional system.
  • Increase Potential Sales: Turning tables faster means potentially more customers served per day.
  • Increase Customer Traffic: You can acquire more customers by accepting credit cards and offering gift cards.
  • Create Customer Loyalty: Customers are more likely to return to a business that offers several payment options or even a loyalty card program.
  • Become more efficient with Marketing Tools:  Notify customers of special events or market gift cards or other online specials.
  • Spot Trends:  Use our analytics and know where your  customers are coming from.
  • Protect your business: Background your servers and reduce PCI exposure.

Did you know…..

90% of all Breaches Impact Small Merchants

$36,000 Average cost to a small merchants

31% of customers terminate their relationship*

*Read this FREE report about how a data breach can affect your business

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