Card Skimming/Shimming 101 – Protect your Business and your Customers

Card Skimming/Shimming 101 – Protect your Business and your Customers

With the advancements in technology, it’s just a matter of time before your business could become a victim.  Everyone who works with credit card and/or chip readers in any capacity should be aware of skimming threats and be watchful.  It could cost your business thousands and it may be someone right under your nose.

The card skimming wave was active this week in Oklahoma where the waitress was fortunately caught by her manager.  Read the full story here.  By the way, the waitress DID have an adverse background that would have been found had they run a background check.

The new era of thievery is now called “shimming”.  The thieves are inserting ultra thin circuit boards through any card slot to read EMV card details from inside the device.

What is the difference between skimming and shimming?

Skimming is recognized as fraud that “skims,” the information off the magnetic strip on a credit or debit card.

Shimming refers to an attack that captures data by tapping directly into the EMV chip.

7 Tips to Protect your Business:

  • Inspect card and chip readers regularly in and around the card slot
  • Background every employee dealing with credit cards and payments
  • Trust your instincts when it comes to your employees
  • Look into pay-at-the-table or mobile devices and software to take credit card data out of scope
  • If you must write down credit card data, protect it by locking it securely away
  • Inspect for hidden cameras or unrecognized devices
  • Ensure your host network is checking card verification codes of both magnetic strip/chip-based transaction authorization processes

7 things to Protect Yourself:

  • Trust your gut.  Rely on your instincts.  Know your surroundings
  • When in doubt, don’t use the ATM or hand your card over to a cashier
  • Make sure your card stays in sight. Never let anyone walk away with your card
  • Use your credit card instead of your debit card.  Don’t use your PIN unless you have to
  • Not all ATM’s are equal. Be particularly careful in a tourist areas
  • Use NFC or contact pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay (payment tokens). Always monitor your accounts
  • Be aware of transactions that force your card to use the magnetic stripe

We have your safe-guarded practices in mind always.  Remember, trust, but always verify.  For ideas to help safeguard your devices, call Card Systems now for all your POS, Credit Card Processing  and Equipment & Software needs.

SmartPhone Users find Mobile POS Easy to Use

SmartPhone Users find Mobile POS Easy to Use

Training and motivating a multi-generational workforce has never been easier. Your entire staff from Gen X to Millennials (Generation Y) will now find it a breeze to learn and use our restaurant POS.  This simple to use, cloud based POS system for restaurants use iPad’s in the front and back of the house. 

Almost everyone is utilizing smartphones now and you or your managers can easily log in from your smartphone, laptop, or anywhere you have an internet connection to manage your restaurant.   Menu modifications, daily specials or staff additions can be made instantly, tracked and recorded to run your business more profitably and efficiently.  

9 Simple Tips to keep your menu and guest experience fresh

Software updates are in the app store – Legacy POS software updates required time, a support technician and installation. Our software updates are available through the app store.  Just navigate to the update and run as easily as you would any other app, you are now in control!

Menu images can be taken and uploaded direct from your SmartPhone – It’s as easy as tap, click and upload, just like Instagram!  Upselling your specials has never been easier.  Snap a pic on the fly via your smartphone and upload your revised menu in the blink of an eye.

Locating your customers – Our restaurant POS offers Smart Search. The auto-fill function found in all smartphones is in our app, too.  Query a customer and find an address.  What a great time saver!

Delivery drivers use a map app and deliver more meals – Do your delivery drivers need driving directions?  Do they go to a map app on their smart phone to get there?  What general delivery area do you cover?  Enable maps through the  POS system to set delivery parameters and send driving directions to your delivery drivers.

iPhone users get message alerts for new email, message or news alert – Smartphone users sign up for alerts of all kinds. The POS sends out alerts when a new takeout order is received, when an order is ready for pickup or when a new order is sent to the kitchen, to name a few.  No more waiting in line to see who’s order is next up; the POS will tell you!

Organizing your restaurant is easy – In most restaurants, you have to accommodate parties of all sizes.  Simply drag available tables together on the screen and reconfigure seating in an instant.  Your host will also see the new layout without being in the room to see which tables are available.

Settings on your iPhone give you flexibility with your devices – Use the same settings app on the  POS to make adjustments to control your devices. Turn your iPad into a kitchen display with a simple swipe.

Text Communication – Simplify communications with your customers through the texting feature.  Use the iPad text feature to notify your waiting guests their table is ready, or a takeout order is ready for pickup.  You can even notify your customers driving by (with our beacon technology) that you have a special going on.

Reboot with the home button – Restaurant owners who know the horror of rebooting a POS during service will truly appreciate the simplicity of a cloud POS restart. Tap the home button twice, swipe up, and you’re back in business. No waiting or calling tech support required.

Want to learn more?  Click here or call 866-207-3298 to schedule a product demo today!

7 Helpful Tips to make your Restaurant #1 on Everyone’s List this Holiday Season

7 Helpful Tips to make your Restaurant #1 on Everyone’s List this Holiday Season

People go to restaurants for a variety of reasons. But basically they want good food and expect great service. Restaurants sometimes become complacent when selling specialty drinks, specials of the day or even gift cards because they are short staffed or just plain busy.  Often servers get so busy they forget about asking about the little add-ons like appetizers, desserts and after dinner drinks that increase their checks, thus increasing your restaurant’s profits.

Here are a few refreshers to give your restaurant a boost

Training – A server who primarily worked at sports bars or other casual dining restaurants may not know that “fine dining” service requires a different approach to the guest.  On the flip side, the reverse is true.  Investing in the training of a new server, regardless of their previous experience, is essential to a positive dining experience and will result in rave reviews, repeat customers and great reviews.  Knowledge is power in every industry.

Upselling – Most restaurants have either drink specials, food specials, or both. Servers should be able to convey what is “special” about the meal.  Remind servers to suggest appetizers, desserts and after dinner drinks to your customers.  Have them do it in such a way that it’s not just a question “Can I start you off with an appetizer?’ but “You should try the crab stuffed mushrooms; I had them earlier and they’re delicious!” it sounds much more appetizing.   Always give two choices as studies show people are more likely to choose one of the options over an open-ended question.  What would a 20% increase in appetizers do for your restaurant’s bottom line?

The Taste Experience – Servers tasting the specials share their personal experience. They are more convincing and they will sell your specials.

Point of Sale System (POS) – Not all POS systems are created equal. Product knowledge is critical and servers should be able to answer any question a customer has about a menu item at the table.  The new pay at the table device POS Systems actually display menu items, giving guests a visual to aid servers in being more efficient.  Servers now are able to go from table to table and fire orders back to the kitchen without upsetting the next four tables they are taking orders from.  Turning tables faster creates happy customers and more revenue for you and your servers.

Online & Pick-up Ordering – Many of the older systems have not caught up with today’s ordering habits.  People today want to place orders online for pickup, or delivery, and future special events.  Most are ordering with their smart phones as well; you now must be mobile-friendly to get found.   It becomes frustrating when a customer cannot order online or has to wait on the phone to place an order because the restaurant’s POS system does not have intuitive features built in.  A robust POS system will offer this and can also collect valuable data about your customer.  It’s a fabulous marketing tool to collect such things as ordering habits and frequency of visits. You can even send your customer a thank you coupon with a set dollar amount or loyalty points for their frequent visits to your restaurant.  A select few new POS Systems offer “Beacon” technology, an amazing tool for notifying customers that are in the vicinity of your restaurant of specials of the day.  Imagine reaching out to the street to advertise your happy hour or gift card special for the holidays! This coupled with the valuable data you are collecting equates into increased sales, which increases profits.

Communicate with your customers – Send out a newsletter or an e-gift certificate.  You are collecting your customer data, right?  If you are not…start today!

Sales Incentives – Create weekly/monthly sales competitions among the servers. Whoever sells the most “dinner specials”, “Gift Cards”, “desserts” etc. wins a reward; either cash, food or gift cards. Competition is healthy and energizes the server staff.

These are but a few reminders that we sometimes overlook with the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant life.

Self-Order Kiosks Automate Restaurants and Reduce Labor Costs

Self-Order Kiosks Automate Restaurants and Reduce Labor Costs

Restaurants and hospitality owners and their customers everywhere love the new Self-Order Kiosks.  Self-Order Kiosks provide an affordable, simple to use ordering system that turns tables faster and improves the dining experience.  Your patron can now order at a table kiosk or free-standing kiosk.  A true “Wow” factor and labor saving process.  The Self-Order Kiosks app can be loaded onto iPad’s anywhere in the restaurant.  This simple software prompts customers through the ordering process and accepts credit card payments for orders right on the spot and fires the order back to the kitchen.

Our POS Solutions bring this powerful technology to restaurants big and small!  No matter what size establishment you have, this easy to use kiosk will help restaurants everywhere improve their sales.  When customers use the self order kiosks, it not only saves them time by skipping the line, but the order will also be more accurate.  Once an order is placed, completed orders are processed directly through the POS system in the restaurant. This allows the kitchen staff to immediately start preparing the order, saving time for both the restaurant and the customer.  It also integrates with our FREE online ordering system which can be deployed in a day creating MORE VISIBILITY, MORE SALES and a great customer experience!

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Cyber Monday….don’t miss out on Holiday selling opportunities!

Cyber Monday….don’t miss out on Holiday selling opportunities!

Will Cyber Monday produce the 6.6 billion dollars in expected online sales today?  With the impact and residual effects of Harvey and Irma this year,  we could all use a boost in sales.  The big question is…..  Do you have an online offering and/or do you at least have an online presence?  If not, why, and what are you going to do to grow your business in 2018? The big box retailers have been ramping up their online sales to compete with Amazon simply because their traditional brick and mortar business isn’t what it used to be.  Nordstrom’s is even price matching like Walmart.  To compete, you must be online and mobile friendly with either a simple online package or at least have an online presence.  Remember, more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to purchase goods and services or just to find you.

Here are some ideas that can help you compete this year…….yes there is still time to act!

  1. Create a mobile-friendly website. This can be as simple as buying a WordPress template with a simple shopping cart.
  2. Create a Christmas or Holiday prepackaged gift basket or special. We are all so busy this time of year and giving your customers ideas will increase your sales.
  3. Email specials, updates, and new products through MailChimp, Constant Contact or Swiftpage with a link to your special to “buy now”.
  4. Invest in Technology to capture valuable customer information today. It is simple to implement and affordable at the Point of Sale now. Whether you are a Retail, Restaurant or even a Wholesale business you simply cannot afford to not know your demographic. It is easy with a loyalty program that rewards and records what your customers are spending their hard-earned dollars on. Imagine greeting your customer with “would you like to order our fabulous Chicken Crepe again with a glass of your favorite Far Niente Chardonnay”.  What a wow factor!
  5. Order gift cards today and increase your sales and brand awareness. Yes, you can still offer online or text gift cards before the holiday. They are the number one seller each and every year and not just during the holidays.  Gift cards continue to add profits to your organization by introducing new Customers, bring back existing clients or just a great give-away at a chamber of commerce event, charity or fundraiser.

Cyber Monday – Did You Know?  (source)

  • As of 7am Pacific, $850M had been spent online
  • Shoppers are expected to spend $6.6B online today, passing the $5B that was spent online during Black Friday
  • If predictions are correct, this year’s Cyber Monday will represent 16.5% YOY growth over last year’s Cyber Monday
  • Tonight from 8-11pm (in each time zone) is estimated to be the peak time for Cyber Monday shopping
Restaurant Point Of Sale With Simple EMV Integration

Restaurant Point Of Sale With Simple EMV Integration

The following story about our restaurant point of sale system with simple EMV integration comes to us as a courtesy of Card Systems and Skurla’s POS Solutions in Anchorage, Alaska. If you’d like to take a test drive and see this system in action, please contact Card Systems @ 866.207.3298 or email us to set up your demo today!

Implementing EMV is Simple with a Restaurant Point of Sale

If you are in the restaurant industry, you may have heard the war stories about implementing EMV in the U.S. As you go through your mental list of places you shop and dine – how many actually have the new CHIP readers integrated into their point of sale system? And of those that do – how many actually work? Lots of places have them, but the CHIP reader is still not available for use in a majority of major restaurant point of sale systems.

In the Point of Sale world, mass confusion abounds. In my experience as the CEO of Skurla’s POS Solutions, many of the major Point of Sale providers STILL don’t have an EMV solution that works. Or maybe they have a solution that works for some kinds of payment types, but not others.

For a while, it seemed that we were uninstalling and reinstalling more EMV solutions than we had successfully installed. Hundreds of man hours were wasted trying to get solutions working – and some still don’t work! Our customers were frustrated, and we were pulling our hair out.

Enter the New Tablet Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions

That was until we rolled out our EMV solution. Don’t get me wrong, when we went to install our first EMV readers at a  customer site – I assumed that just like all of the other systems we had worked with, we would run into major problems – and that hours (if not weeks) would be spent back and forth with the team and our installers. I expected that we would have to uninstall and reinstall the software several times.

On the day of the installation, I waited in my office for a phone call from either our installer or the owner – telling me that the system was not working as it should. The restaurant opened at 11:00 am. At 11:30 a.m., I hadn’t heard anything. I assumed the worst. Finally, at 12:30 p.m., I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I called our installer to ask for an update.

When I called him, he told me he was already back in the office.

I expected to hear they had halted the install and decided to do it later. But instead, he told me it was the easiest EMV installation he had ever done.

The MobileBytes EMV solution worked right out of the box! The customer was actually using the system with the CHIP reader enabled. And it was fast – transactions actually ran just as fast as before!

All for a fraction of the cost of many other systems.

We’ve since installed EMV in many restaurants, and the installation is always quick and painless. Just another reason to love our Tablet POS.

Big thanks to Skurla’s for sharing this great story of how easy it is to integrate an EMV solution for the foodservice industry.

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