Restaurant Point Of Sale With Simple EMV Integration

Restaurant Point Of Sale With Simple EMV Integration

The following story about our restaurant point of sale system with simple EMV integration comes to us as a courtesy of Card Systems and Skurla’s POS Solutions in Anchorage, Alaska. If you’d like to take a test drive and see this system in action, please contact Card Systems @ 866.207.3298 or email us to set up your demo today!

Implementing EMV is Simple with a Restaurant Point of Sale

If you are in the restaurant industry, you may have heard the war stories about implementing EMV in the U.S. As you go through your mental list of places you shop and dine – how many actually have the new CHIP readers integrated into their point of sale system? And of those that do – how many actually work? Lots of places have them, but the CHIP reader is still not available for use in a majority of major restaurant point of sale systems.

In the Point of Sale world, mass confusion abounds. In my experience as the CEO of Skurla’s POS Solutions, many of the major Point of Sale providers STILL don’t have an EMV solution that works. Or maybe they have a solution that works for some kinds of payment types, but not others.

For a while, it seemed that we were uninstalling and reinstalling more EMV solutions than we had successfully installed. Hundreds of man hours were wasted trying to get solutions working – and some still don’t work! Our customers were frustrated, and we were pulling our hair out.

Enter the New Tablet Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions

That was until we rolled out our EMV solution. Don’t get me wrong, when we went to install our first EMV readers at a  customer site – I assumed that just like all of the other systems we had worked with, we would run into major problems – and that hours (if not weeks) would be spent back and forth with the team and our installers. I expected that we would have to uninstall and reinstall the software several times.

On the day of the installation, I waited in my office for a phone call from either our installer or the owner – telling me that the system was not working as it should. The restaurant opened at 11:00 am. At 11:30 a.m., I hadn’t heard anything. I assumed the worst. Finally, at 12:30 p.m., I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I called our installer to ask for an update.

When I called him, he told me he was already back in the office.

I expected to hear they had halted the install and decided to do it later. But instead, he told me it was the easiest EMV installation he had ever done.

The MobileBytes EMV solution worked right out of the box! The customer was actually using the system with the CHIP reader enabled. And it was fast – transactions actually ran just as fast as before!

All for a fraction of the cost of many other systems.

We’ve since installed EMV in many restaurants, and the installation is always quick and painless. Just another reason to love our Tablet POS.

Big thanks to Skurla’s for sharing this great story of how easy it is to integrate an EMV solution for the foodservice industry.

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Micros EMV Payment Solution

PCI-Validated P2PE solution is fully
integrated with MICROS RES, 9700, Simphony 1x and Simphony 2 products.

Our gateway currently supports the following MICROS workstations; WS5, WS5a, WS6, KW270, and mTablets providing a validated P2PE solution that will take the workstation hardware and OS out of PCI scope. For older hardware, please contact your CardSystems representative for possible solutions. This payment solution is available for both Windows CE and Win32 workstations. Our gateway P2PE solution is 100% EMV ready and supports ApplePay and Google Wallet today. As the back end processors finalize the interfaces for EMV in the US, our gateway solutions being deployed today are ready and EMV capable.

Key Features

Remote Updates

As processing requirements change from time to time, Point-of-Interaction (POI) device
manufacturers, such as lngenico, Verifone, MagTek or ID Tech, are required to release new
POI device firmware. Our gateway interface provides the ability to remotely update all POI
devices in the field through MICROS. The new Firmware is deployed to each workstation through
a CAL package.

Authorization Recovery

The payment solution interface provides a unique feature for a Server or Manager to recover an
Authorization that was obtained for check but then no longer associated to the check when it
came time to Finalize/Close the check. A SIM Script is used to send all of the check detail to, the gateway and it will return the original authorization back to MICROS and the script will kick off a keyboard macro to re-apply the original authorization back to the check. From there the user can apply a tip and close the check.

Enterprise Portal

Merchants can schedule Settlement to kick off up to four (4) times throughout the day. Batches
can be viewed and edited in the online batching portal.

Commerce Connector (FCC)

Workstation level support and local offline is available. With FCC all credit card activity can
be sent directly to the Gateway depending on network configuration the FCC provides the merchant with:
• Ability to accept Credit Card transitions in the event of an internal LAN or External WAN service disruption (still under PCI-Validated P2PE)
• Eliminate the need for any middleware credit card software running on the MICROS server or elsewhere in the merchant environment

Direct Integration

No separate power or connectivity is required, if using USB. All POI devices are connected directly to the MICROS workstation via USB. This greatly simplifies the effort required to deploy our payment solution.

Pay at Table

As EMV cards become a reality in the US and as more and more customers find the convenience of using ApplePay and Google Wallet, merchants will need a solution for the pay-at-table scenario. Our gateway has solved this this use-case with a MICROS Pay-at-Table interface that supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled POI devices. The payment solution offers customers the ability to use their chip cards or smartphones to pay the whole bill or split the check between multiple guests all within the convenience of the card or phone never leaving their control. This solution is driven by our Pay at Table service that runs at the MICROS server and provides the wait staff the ability to pull up a single check for payment or multiple tables without returning to a workstation.

Is your system compatible?


Look what is on the Horizon…faster EMV transactions

Look what is on the Horizon…faster EMV transactions

2016 ETA – Las Vegas

At the 2016 ETA in Las Vegas today, it was announced that VISA plans to offer the “Quick Chip”.  This will reduce those 20-30 seconds for customers using their EMV chip card at checkout down to possibly 2 seconds or less.  For the consumer, seconds saved for every customer in line means happy customers.  Happy customers are repeat customers.

This upgrade is expected to happen before the end of 2016 and could be adopted by all card brands in the future.

This is great news!

Top 3 Reasons merchants are slow to Adopt EMV Cards and why they should re-think this carefully

Top 3 Reasons merchants are slow to Adopt EMV Cards and why they should re-think this carefully

There are over 8 million merchants in the US and less than 1/8 have deployed EMV devices to accept the chip cards.  Consumers are still perplexed to see so many merchants taping up their chip devices…. Why?   Large scale adoption is more complex than the Associations predicted for a number of reasons.

Our top 3…

  1. Longer checkout times leading to fear of customer abandonment.
  2. The challenging  tip environment…salons, taxis and especially restaurants.  Even though we do not like watching our card walk off with some stranger…the alternative, walking back to the terminal, is not palatable for these businesses.   In addition, many Restaurateurs are not keen on outfitting their “new hires” and staff with these more expensive pay at the table devices.
  3. Large  POS  companies waited too long to certify or even develop new systems integrated with EMV technology and the specifications required by the Associations have changed.  Programmers are behind and chances are certifications are still in process.

Embrace new technology!  It will help you sell more, manage more effectively and grow.

At the very least, use a temporary solution…add a chip terminal as a backup.  You need it at least until your system becomes EMV ready.  I have two phones so clients can reach me…and I can hear them clearly.  When it comes to making it easy for your customers to pay, why wouldn’t you have a backup?

Let’s face it, we are one of the last countries to embrace the chip; we should have been the first!  It is time to adopt new technology not only for the added security and possibility of increased chargebacks, but to improve your approval rates.  By the way, you could be losing business right now due to your non-EMV device.

Other countries took years to adopt and embrace EMV as I suspect it will take ours.  All of us need to train, educate and adapt to the ever-changing payments space.    This may mean your customers may have to leave their card in the slot for an additional 20-30 seconds, however, it is a more secure form of payment and a worthy investment for any business.

Would you like to capture more of your customers’ information at the Point of Sale?


Be ready for the holidays with EMV

  Be ready for the holidays with EMV! Embrace it as it will protect you from potential chargebacks. Three simple steps to protect your business from credit card fraud liability: Update your terminal to accept EMV. Add a mobile device with chip protection....